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Employee Screening Process

In our efforts to hire only the best, ASC employees are screened and undergo a thorough investigation, which includes: a criminal background check, drug screening, a credit check, a validation of personal data, and personal and professional reference checks.

ASC maintains an internal personnel investigations division, which performs the following employment screening process:

A Written Competency Test: Our written tests allow ASC to determine the level of security experience and competency of the applicant.

Employment Reference Checks: Data obtained from personal and employer references are used to: a) verify accuracy of the employment; b) verify and/or identify job-related accomplishments, skills, abilities, and characteristics; and c) determine, evaluate and ensure the applicant's overall suitability.

Employee Background Check: Our background checks are designed to confirm information provided on the job application and other forms used in the hiring process. Information such as the applicant's social security number, education attainment, previous employment, driving record and current/former addresses are verified.

Criminal History Check: All applicants must disclose if they have been convicted of a crime and/or served time for a misdemeanor or felony. Applicants with felony criminal histories within the last 10 years or applicants who have been arrested (but not convicted) in the last 7 years are unacceptable for ASC employment.

Drug Screening: Due to the sensitive nature of this business, ASC requires all applicants to sign a Drug Authorization Pre-Employment Form and submit to an Oral Saliva Drug Test to detect if they have used illicit drugs within the last 72 hours. Applicants are also subjected to random drug tests.

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