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K9 Services

ASC’s K-9 Unit is an excellent source for protective and crime-related tracking services.

ASC’s professionally trained canines are the perfect solution for criminal searches, rescue and recovery, tracking, protective services, and improving security conditions on residential properties.  Our K-9 Unit has been proven effective in high crime areas, particularly locations that are plagued with illegal drug activity.

Our canines are professionally trained and possess very keen senses, which are ideal for tracking anything from weapons to narcotics to cadavers.  They receive up to six weeks of rigorous training, including obedience instruction, more than 120 hours of specialized training in command enforcement and other structured training.

In addition, ASC staffs the best in K-9 handlers. All of our handlers are certified and licensed and undergo more than 200 hours of canine training, which includes classroom instruction, socialization and bonding, and practical training in obedience, attacking (protection), and tracking.

All of our handlers must meet the following requirements prior to hiring:

  • At least five years of experience in law enforcement;
  • Demonstrated quality work habits, moral character and mental competence;
  • Natural talent and/or ability to work with canines; and
  • Lifestyle and living conditions conducive to the storage and maintenance of canines.
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