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Why Choose ASC?

Why ASC Is Best Suited to Secure Your Facility?
We Set High Performance Standards

Our employees follow strict guidelines and procedures that ensure quality performance.  In addition, ASC employs a fail-proof system for on-site coverage to ensure that your property is secure at all times.

We Provide Web-Based Accessibility to Client Information

ASC clients have password-protected access to our web-based reporting system, which allows them to access their property logs and reports 24 hours a day.

We Provide Customized Solutions

ASC’s protection and investigative solutions are based on each client’s security needs and goals.  Our security solutions are crafted in collaboration with our clients and are designed to address specific security challenges.

We are Results-Oriented

ASC’s strict enforcement of security procedures and adherence to post orders earned us a reputation for transforming unsafe and crime-ridden environments into sound and secure locations.

We are Skilled

ASC’s security personnel are seasoned professionals with an average of seven years security experience.  In addition, our personnel receive on-going in-service training that goes beyond state requirements.

We are Vigilant

Our guards evaluate the threat level of individuals and situations appropriately and employ tactics that deter, quell or prevent crime, damage to property, and harm to the public.

We are Professional

Our guards receive ongoing training in customer care and professionalism in the workplace and are briefed in procedures that enhance their protection and monitoring performance.

We are Reliable

ASC’s guards are ready to respond to security emergencies at any hour of the day or night.  Our security team is on call 24/7 to ensure that your facility is monitored and protected around the clock.

We are Accountable

ASC takes total responsibility for all activity that occurs during our watch.  We provide written incident reports on each shift, and collaborate closely with police and property management to resolve security issues.

Free Assessments
ASC Offers Free Security Assessments for our potential Clients