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Retail Loss Prevention

ASC’s loss prevention professionals are equipped with skills necessary to minimize shrinkage.

ASC’s Retail Loss Prevention (RLP) Specialists are trained in reducing inventory losses within retail stores.  We focus on employee theft, shoplifting, return/exchange fraud, vendor theft, and accounting errors.  To accomplish this, our RLP Specialists collaborate with store managers and personnel to identify areas where shrinkage may occur.
We are professional in our approach and trained in procedures for handling the following:

  • Shoplifting – ASC’s RLP Specialists can identify shoplifting tactics and are aware of their legal authority to apprehend, detain and prosecute culprits.
  • Price Tag/UPC Altering – Our RLP Specialists are trained to identify altered UPC symbols and/or price tags and can utilize their legal authority under the law to prosecute assailants.
  • Employee Theft/Internal Theft – ASC’s RLP Specialists can quickly detect signs of internal theft and tactics used by employees to contribute to shrinkage.

Our RLP Specialists are also trained on procedures in handling trespassing, intoxicated customers, robbery, product tampering, workplace violence, missing children, burglary, and general emergency procedures in a retail setting.

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