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Value Added Services

ASC offers a number of value-added services that allow us to thoroughly address security threats that confront your facility and your employees.
  • In-Service Training:  ASC’s security professionals receive 80 hours of security training, to include General Security Officer (GSO) Training, Report Writing, Infant/Adult CPR/AED, Deadly Force, Patrol Procedures, Search and Seizure with Probable Cause for Arrest, Baton and Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray.  In addition, ASC’s employees are required to devote four hours per month to in-service training.
  • Online Reports:  Security personnel at ASC are required to maintain written hourly logs of all activities (Post Orders), incident reports, property inspection reports and Barring Notices, which can be accessed via the Internet by our clients and police authorities the next business day.
  • 24-Hour Accessibility:  ASC supervisors can be assessed 24-hours and ready to respond to security emergencies within 90 minutes.



  • Quality Assurance Evaluations:  Each month, ASC clients are asked to submit a Quality Assurance Evaluation to comment on ASC performance and to ensure adherence to contract specifications.  Additionally, ASC meets with contracting officials each month to discuss the evaluation and strategies to enhance security procedures.
  • Guard Tour Checkpoints:  ASC installs a guard tour timekeeping checkpoint system on all sites that require mobile and foot patrols to ensure that guards are conducting scheduled rounds.
Free Assessments
ASC Offers Free Security Assessments for our potential Clients