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Surveillance & Monitoring Solutions

Electronic Surveillance Systems Solutions and Services
Alexander Security Consultants provides the tools you need to protect your property even while you’re away.

ASC provides consultation on digital, technological surveillance solutions.  We install and maintain security cameras, digital video recording (DVR) and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems.  We utilize superior surveillance systems that offer technologically advanced features, such as remote monitoring via a local network or the Internet and cell phone alarm notification on the detection of motion.

Our systems are reliable and can store images for up to 10 years.  Unlike outdated VCR systems that produce poor images, our systems produce digital images that offer enhanced viewing quality that serve as excellent tools for investigation and court evidence.

We have a team of surveillance technicians, data management professionals, and network specialists, including fiber infrastructure mechanics, hardware and software technicians, system programmers and technical support personnel that install and maintain all of our systems.

Read about ASC’s thorough, customer-centered installation process below.

Installation Process

ASC’s Surveillance CCTV Installation Process

  1. Evaluation—Prior to installation, ASC conducts a full assessment of your facility and physical environment.
  2. Customization—ASC recommends a customized and cost-effective electronic surveillance and monitoring solution.
  3. Prompt Installation—ASC installs surveillance equipment in an appropriate timeframe, typically 7-10 days after a service agreement is signed.
  4. Testing—ASC performs internal and external checks of surveillance systems.
  5. Training—ASC technical support staff provides all system users with on-site training.
  6. Maintenance—ASC offers an extensive maintenance plan to keep your system working properly.
  7. Follow-Up—ASC conducts regular follow-up visits to ensure that your system is working according to expectations.
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